The guarantee of a safe and certain purchase...

10 Good reasons
to buy with
Abruzzo Country Houses

1) Choice of properties

The agency Abruzzo Country Houses has worked, for many years, both with the Italian and international markets. We offer a vast selection of properties.

We can help you choose and buy a country house, a ruin, a plot of land, a villa, an apartment, an historic building, not only in Abruzzo, but throughout Italy. We always use highly specialized and professional staff; this has allowed us to become known over time as the most successful agency in the area.

2) Realistic prices

The in-depth knowledge of the market and the territory, where we operate, allows us to offer our clients the right house at the right price.

3) Transparency

Before suggesting a property for sale, we do a full check of the property: merits, defects, advantages and disadvantages. All the information is then faithfully reported back to the potential buyer. With us, transparency and honesty will always be a given.

4) Complete buying service

We use our collaboration with different professionals: surveyors, geologists, engineers, architects, lawyers; to offer a complete service, with the utmost professionalism and fairness, to guarantee a safe and certain sale.

5) Multilingual team

Our multilingual team is able to communicate well with most of our clients.

6) Availability

We are always here, at your disposal. We are always available, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We do not close in the summer or during the Christmas holidays. So, every time you need us we will be here, as always, to do our work and take care of you.

7) Continuity

We will be with you from the beginning and we will follow you, step by step, in the careful search for the property that best suits your needs. We will be with you throughout the buying or selling phase. We will be with you after the purchase to give you the best possible assistance in the management of your property. We will be with you even when you are not here: we will take the utmost care of your property and update you with regular reports.

8) Exclusive contracts

We have exclusive contracts with 99% of our properties. This means that once you have found the ideal home you will be sure that you can carry on the negotiation with the utmost tranquility and security for a successful outcome of the deal.

9) Costs

You can benefit from our pre-sales services, which are completely free. You only pay the normal commission for the sale at the time of the preliminary, without extras or hidden costs.

10) Because for us, friendship always comes before money...