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Info Abruzzo

The sea and the mountains come together to make one of the world’s most unique landscapes.
Green region of Europe

Why we advise Abruzzo

There is a unique place in the world, where the sea blends with the mountains through love ...... This place is Abruzzo.
The Sea and the Mountain merge to give a unique scenery in the world.

Each area of Abruzzo offers a variety of colours, natural scenery, perfumes and unparalleled emotions. For this We, who live and work in this wonderful and marvelous region, offer the opportunity to anyone, to enjoy this privilege: ... ... "to live in Abruzzo"

Abruzzo, a land to live in

Among the major peaks of the Apennines and the waters of the Adriatic, lies a land rich in attractions. You can choose between ski slopes and beaches, nature parks and cities of art, medieval churches and hermitages, castles and museums.

The sea of Abruzzo knows how to make itself unforgettable

The sea of Abruzzo knows how to make itself unforgettable

133 kilometres of coastline, with golden beaches and pine woods, cliffs, peninsulas and secluded coves full of pebbles which have been shaped by the waves, animated beaches and festivities and solitary beaches where you can relax in peace: the coast of Abruzzo is all this, plus you will find the proverbial hospitality of the Abruzzesi people. During the summer, the seaside resorts of the Abruzzo coast offer fun-filled, peaceful holidays. The abundant friendliness, the good cuisine, thousands of restaurants, the kindness of the people, the quiet security of the area, all make Abruzzo the ideal destination for an intelligent holiday. From June to September, the Abruzzo coast comes alive with all sorts of events: music, theater, ballet, concerts, exhibitions, sporting events, cultural events. For the guests of Abruzzo there is only the embarrassment of choice, with wide range of events, all excellent.

The thousand paths of the mountains of Abruzzo

The thousand paths of the mountains of Abruzzo

The noble and raw Gran Sasso, with its clear limestone rock, dominates the Apennines; just below the north face of the Corno Grande we find the Calderone, the only glacier in the Apennines and the southernmost in Europe. To the south of the massif extends the boundless plain of Campo Imperatore, located at 1800 metres above sea level. The Monti della Laga are rich in springs, waterways and forests. La Maiella, linked to the Morrone massif, dominates the Abruzzo landscape rising up between the sea and the Apennine range; from time immemorial it represents, for the Abruzzese people, the mother mountain. Between the mountains and the sea, the hilly landscape shows evident signs of its continuous evolution, where the erosion of jagged clay rocks called ‘calanchi’, cut through the roundness of the horizon.

A world of snow in the heart of the Mediterranean

The major ski resorts of the entire Apennines, hundreds of kilometers of slopes, excellent snow standards, state-of-the-art and functional facilities, a network of efficient and complete integrative structures and services: for snow lovers, Abruzzo has no longer limits.

Abruzzo, a large outdoor museum

Known throughout the world for its nature, Abruzzo exhibits, like a large open-air museum without timetables; walls, works of art and monuments in its distinct and intact landscape. Amongst the famous places, such as the fortress of Calascio, the extraordinary historical centre of Pescocostanzo, the National Archaeological Museum of Chieti, the mighty sixteenth-century castle of L'Aquila, there are also dozens of lesser-known wonders scattered in every corner of the region, to thrill visitors. The restoration of churches and castles, the arrangement and enhancement of archaeological sites and hermitages, the birth of small and large museums and the new visitor centres in the Parks, ensure that the list of things to see is extended every year. This is also part of the great charm of the "green region" of Italy.

Abruzzo, the ideal gym for your passions
To the growing development of active tourism, sport and adventure, Abruzzo responds by playing the winning card, with its powerful nature, its uncontaminated territories, its thousand paths between gorges, streams, castles, hermitages, peaks, plateaus, woods, ancient villages: an exciting mix for holidays, away from the usual places.

<strong>Flavours of the land of Abruzzo</strong>

Flavours of the land of Abruzzo

Mediterranean in its ingredients and aromas, creative in the variety and originality of the most typical dishes and products, from the peasant and pastoral roots of its own tradition, the Abruzzese cuisine has been able to draw the ability to be both poor and noble, distilling ancient flavours, with sumptuous simplicity.
As well as the traditional dishes, Abruzzo offers a choice of typical products as much refined as unusual, like its wines and oils, appreciated by connoisseurs from around the world.
Is there a better way to take away the best of Abruzzo?

<strong>The people of Abruzzo</strong>

The people of Abruzzo

For many centuries, authors described Abruzzo and its people as "strong and kind. " Hospitality is infinite, and for the local people it is natural and spontaneous to help those in need. It is really difficult to find people like people are in this region: hospitable, friendly, spontaneous, heartfelt ...

 The Abruzzese people are people that you can count on, people that opens doors and make you feel at home….

<strong>Abruzzo, the greenest region in Europe</strong>

Abruzzo, the greenest region in Europe

In the extreme variety of its natural habitats (marine, rivers and lakes, wooded areas, mountains, high altitudes), Abruzzo is today, more than ever, an extraordinary biological laboratory for the conservation of nature and ecosystems. A farsighted choice, which projects Abruzzo in the role of an absolute leader in the field of "green tourism".

In Abruzzo, nature is a protected resource. With a third of its territory destined to parks, the region not only expresses a cultural and civil primacy in the protection of the environment, but it is placed as the greatest naturalistic area of Europe, the true green heart of the Mediterranean.